The TeaHC Show is a podcast run by two British /r/trees moderators, Doug and Jack. The show is broadcast live using SHOUTcast and recorded using Audacity. Jack then edits the episode using Adobe Soundbooth and it’s pushed onto the server for you to listen to or download.

We also play games live over at Twitch.TV, so make sure you follow us there to catch us playing games. Also, make sure to join our Steam Group so you can play games with us!

Big thanks to Tornadotrailer for drawing Crumbs! Check out her DeviantArt page here.


What’s the theme tune? That would be the original song that Dan Holmes made for us. It’s available for download here.

What microphones do you guys use? We both use Blue Yetis.

Are you really moderators of /r/trees? Yes.

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