It’s been a while: we’re sorry!

We understand it’s been a while since our last episode (pretty much a month now) and both Doug and I are really sorry. We also understand that this simple apology message doesn’t make up for the lack of episodes, but we hope to at least provide a reason for the delays… 

The past month has been very hectic for both of us. Doug got a promotion (yay!) and now has had to be commuting further distances with more workload, which has meant he has had a much busier schedule. I have been very busy with education stuff, with lots of things being due in and studying to be done. Along with that, I was hit by a car on my bike last week, which was definitely another spanner in the works.

So, I guess that sums up the reasons for the hiatus. We hope to be back next week if possible, but will definitely keep you guys up to date; we might have to end up rescheduling everything due to new commitments, but, as I said, we will let you know of any changes. Lastly, once again, we’re really sorry!

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