Welcome to the new site!

Hello! I hope our time apart has treated you well. We’re proud to present the new site, which will be finished soon. There’s not much more to do, just add a few images and the countdown. The little guy you’ll see running around the site is Crumbs, he moved in recently and he doesn’t seem to be chewing too much stuff so we’re letting him stay. We’d love it if you create an account on the site  Continue reading

Episode 14

We discussed the tragic shootings of two British police officers and the questions than are now being asked. Borderlands 2, Torchlight 2 and Faster Than Light were also talked about, along with some new /r/trees policies. The differences between indica and sativa strains were also brought up by a listener, and we talked about that.

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Episode 11

A nice discussion of the self-post Fridays and banner contest, along with some deeper talks about habitual smoking and how to cut back on your cannabis intake. We also talked about the Olympics and London’s crazy attempt at security, along with recent netsecurity failures. And, to finish it all off, we talked about the new Steam sales and what games to look out for.

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