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Episode 20

No technical difficulties this episode, which is nice. News about /r/trees raising over $5000 for NORML, New Mexico house passing decriminalisation bill and various UK class warfare issues. We then spoke about DRM in video games such as Sim City, Witcher and Steam. Seeming recurrent, we spokeĀ more about North Koreas flexing rhetoric, just before moving onto the BFF Game Show, where Jack got 3 points. Up for review, Jack talked about Hotline Miami and Dan Holmes’ new EP, Wizard EP. Continue reading

Episode 19

Cypriot banks, Pope Francis, North Korea and a brief criticism of the new Tory budget plan. We also talked about what we’d do if cannabis were legalised tomorrow, and also about how to assess your smoking habits, and what they might mean. Along with all that, the BFF game show, where Doug scored a massive run of 3, and then reviews of Kenshi, a strategy RPG, and Sabato’s “Blimp”, linked below. Obviously, all this was prefaced with 20 minutes of technical delays and an acapella theme tune! Continue reading